JET JAM: It was great to have you play the JET JAM party with us in Nottingham on June 6th. It was your debut UK DJ Set & you truly smashed it so huge thanks for turning up & doing your thing. We want to get to know you more.

What happens on a normal day for French Kiwi Juice?

FKJ: During the week, I usually like to wake up in the morning and make myself a big coffee with some fresh bread that i just got from the bakery. I’ll start with all the shitty things we all have..I’ll finish them quickly to then feel free-minded and start working on music. It could be working on a new track, my live set, videos & artworks or just playing an instrument. I’ll stop whenever I feel and take some fresh air, by having a drink in some place I love in Paris for example, with a couple of mates. That’s to resume. Someday the inspiration will come out in the evening and I’ll not be in my bed before the sun comes up.

JET JAM: What is it like to grow up in France?

FKJ: As my family is half french half kiwi (New Zealand), I don’t really feel like I was educated in the real french way…if there is one. My parents are big travelers, they are both English teachers so when the school holidays came, we were always in a different country. I travelled a lot when I was a kid.  We lived in a small village near Tours, in the center of France, and it was comfortable. I live now in Paris and I love it, but I’m really a guy from the country side.

JET JAM: If you weren’t producing & performing, what would you be doing?

FKJ: Mmmhmm maybe i’ll be doing some stuff for movies. That’s what I was doing when I arrived in Paris two years ago, editing sound for movies, boom operating, music composing.

JET JAM: I’m a huge fan of world cinema, and french movies in particular… but as a native, what is your favourite French movie and why?

FKJ: It’s of course difficult to choose one. Most of the french movies i like are comedies like Le Péril Jeune, Delicatessen, Le Grand Détournement. There are also classic french comedies like Les Visiteurs, Le Dîner de Cons or La Cité de la peur ; those are really classic ones that I like. More Serious, La Haine is a tough and good one about the French suburbs. To name some french directors that i like, i’d say Cédric Klapisch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Michel Gondry or Benoît Delépine.

JET JAM: What was your favourite animation as a young boy? If any?

FKJ: TV was not really a central thing in my family, we didn’t watch it a lot as kids with my brother and sister. But I have some memories of watching music clips sometime in the morning, and also animations like Ghostbusters or Rahan. But I’m quite lost when some friends start to speak about “that program” they watched when they were kids and how cool it was.

JET JAM: How do you see dance music progressing throughout 2013/2014?

FKJ: I guess the new talents that’ll come up will drive the thing. I think a “style” of music gets popular when somebody makes it big with his own music. But I hope that the different genres of music will continue to mix with each others like it is more and more the case, and that we will just talk about music in a singular way. I can see that hip hop producers become much more interested by house music and vice versa, that’s cool. I don’t feel that mainstream music will become great for me yet, maybe later who knows.

JET JAM: Favourite song of 2013 so far?

FKJ: First one to come to my mind is Tuxedo – Do it

JET JAM: Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?

FKJ: Maybe too much cigarettes while being drunk, and some junk food on sundays evening ’cause I’m too lazy too cook and have to recover from the weekend. Too bad.

JET JAM: We feel like we know you a lot more now! We’re very excited to hear some new FKJ material. Is there a release we can look forward to soon?

FKJ: Thanks, my next EP “Time For a change” will be out on the 8th of July on Roche Musique, it’ll have 4 tracks on it. I’m also working on two remixes, and some other original tracks are coming after the EP.

French Kiwi Juice - TIme For A Change Artwork

So there you have it. “Time For A Change” artwork above. It comes out 8th July and features our favourite jam So Much To Me.